Young Life Leaders

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Young Life Leaders are adults who are committed to being involved in kids' lives -- from supporting them at their sporting events to listening to them talk about what's important to them. Our leaders help kids consider the direction of their lives, and they offer hope for their future.

While many of our leaders are college-aged adults, we have Leaders of all ages, backgrounds, and professions.  If you are interested in becoming a Young Life Leader, contact Ben Tuel at (304) 610-8175 or email today!

"Winning the Right" with Parents Too...
Young Life Leaders seek to "win the right to be heard" by building relationships with teenagers.  However, we also recognize the importance of parents in a young person's life, and we seek to support parents whenever possible and thus "win the right" with moms, dads, and kids.  Young Life is serious about ensuring that only competent and qualified adults are Leaders. All Young Life Leaders undergo background checks and go through Young Life Leadership Training.


Morgantown High School Leaders:
Sarah Majestro (Team Leader)
Sam Snyder
John Bard
Levi Mowrey
Sarah Fullen
Taylor Ambrose

University High School Leaders:
Zach Bonham (Team Leader)
Kaitlin Isaacs
Jordan Baker
Sam Suite
Rusty Isaacs
Rachel Morton

Ruthie Deely
Grafton High School Leaders:
Ben Alderson (Team Leader)
Kurtis Davis
Taylor Toothman
Michaela Donovan

East Fairmont Leaders:
JR Stricklen (Team Leader)
Ali Chambers
Joe Deal

Fairmont Senior Leaders:
Marlee Conner (Team Leader)
Bailey Wrenn
Andre Franklin

Clay-Battelle Leaders:
Logan Brown (Team Leader)
Jada Charlton
Madison Moon

North Marion Leaders:
Meliah Umstead
Jake Teuberg

Trinity Christian Leaders:
David Westfall
Hayley Jones

Fairmont WyldLife Leaders:
McKinley Gregory (Team Leader)
Derek Silman
Steven Swiger

Morgantown WyldLife Leaders:
Amelia Sark (Team Leader)
Ben Perry
Erika Hunter
Kinsey Kays

WVU Leaders:
Claire Zeigler (Team Leader)
Josh Barnette​ (Team Leader)
Katie Barnette
Sarah Williams
Charlie Warner
Alex Accuri
Parker Zopp
Krysta Henderson
Ben Beaver
Jeana Mahan
Casey Baker
Brady Hillegas
Morgan Moss


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