We have a lot going for college students in the Mountaineer Area.  We have several students involved at both West Virginia University and Fairmont State University.  
Contact Cameron King at if you would like to get involved with Young Life while you are in college!

Many of our involved college students are Young Life Leaders.  Click here to go the the leader page and see their profiles!

Meets Sunday evenings - 7PM
Leadership is our name for our weekly meeting where all our area Young Life Leaders and many of our leaders in training gather for fellowship, training, fun, and sometimes food.  ANYONE IS WELCOME TO CHECK OUT LEADERSHIP!  Check your email or email for details (time and place).  We are currently meeting at the home of Dr. Jabbour on Anderson Avenue.
YOUNG LIFE FIRST YEAR - Starting up Soon
First Year is basically College Campaigners - so if you went to Young Life Campaigners in high school it might be similar.  It's a great time for anyone, especially freshmen and sophomores looking to get plugged in to Young Life in college.


Young Life First Year/Leadership Training…
Some college students are interested in becoming a Young Life Leader at a local high school – that’s awesome!  Some have no clue what Young Life is and are a little curious.  Others really aren't sure if being a Leader is for them.  All that is great, and FIRST YEAR IS FOR YOU!!  First Year, during first semester, is for anyone in college (especially freshmen and sophomores) who wants to look at Scripture every week, have great discussion, pray for each other, share, make great friends, and grow closer to God and each other in the process.  We actually don't even let you decide whether you want to be a Young Life Leader until the second semester - you'll thank us later!  There are still many chances to get involved and volunteer at clubs right away, if you are interested.  (During the second semester, we offer both Leadership Training and College Campaigners for people who went to First Year during the fall and anyone else who wants to get involved.)

Young Life College…
Young Life College is very old on the one hand - Young Life has had a strong presence on many college campuses for over 6 decades.  However, in the past couple of years, Young Life has become more intentional about we are doing on campuses.  We not only want to recuit and train leaders, we want to follow up with our high school kids AND reach new students.  We have periodic Young Life College Clubs, weekly Campaigners (called First Year in the fall), and a variety of events.  

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